Joseph Platt
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    Joseph Platt grew up in the small city of Evanston, WY, USA, where he enjoyed reading novels and building forts during the summer, and the wrestling in the winter. After high school he spent two years doing service in the state of Tennessee before returning to Wyoming for a university education. He studied English Literature at the University of Wyoming, where he spent his free time dancing and playing rugby. In 2013, Joseph spent a semester studying in Singapore, after which he returned to the University of Wyoming to finish the last two years of his English degree.. During and after college he worked as a camp counselor at a children’s summer camp. Before coming to Pass College he worked part-time as a teacher and studied to become certified as an English as a second language teacher. He is excited to be at Pass College, and looks forward to eating his new favorite dish, fried eggs and tomatoes, every day. No meal is complete without it.